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The Village by Jimi Evins__Postcard__WEB.jpg


Paintings by Jimi Evins

January 6 - February 25, 2023

at Joyce Gordon Gallery


Opening Reception: FRIDAY, January 6th | 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Friday, February 3rd | 6-9pm

To RSVP, visit:

Click HERE for Press Release: 

To inquire about artwork contact Joyce Gordon Gallery

Phone: 510.465.8928

Artist Biography

Jimi Evins is an artist, art educator, and culture warrior. Jimi has been creating art from his early childhood while avoiding the perils of racism in his hometown in Florida. Having no formal art training, Jimi’s love for art was nurtured by comic books and magazines. His love of art continued to grow and eventually led him to enroll in college after duty in the USAF, to further his interest in visual art. Jimi graduated from the CCA with a major in painting. Jimi has exhibited his works nationally and internationally for the last 40 + years.

The works in this exhibit reflect Jimi's strong belief that art is about sharing ideas, feelings, and emotions. The figurative works in this exhibit are expressing ideas and thoughts on the continuing struggle of people of African descent in America. It speaks to the ongoing struggle and the necessity of CULTURAL awareness.

Jimi believes that without knowing and embracing our history, not only in America but throughout the Diaspora, we will continue to experience the scrooge of RACISM. The VILLAGE is the sanctuary where we rebuild, question, exhaust, embrace, educate, and celebrate who we are as a people.

Artist Statement

“Many of my paintings are reflections on self-realization, and getting to ‘know thyself.’ The world changes when we do. This exhibit is dedicated to those of us who value the courage and dedication of those in the struggle against racism and bigotry.” 

- Jimi Evins

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