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We are a commercial fine art gallery located in the downtown district of Oakland, California. We exhibit art that reflects the social and cultural diversity of the Bay Area and international artists. The aim of the gallery is to respect the creative pursuits of the individual and seek to make such works accessible to a broad audience.


MAY 3 - JUNE 29, 2024 (In the Front Gallery)


Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd | 6-9pm

Artists Panel: Saturday, June 8th | 3-5pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, June 29th | 6-8pm

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Featured Artists: Susan Almazol, Barbara Mumby Huerta, Eustorgia Sol Navarrete, Laura Ming Wong, Simone Nia Rae, Cynthia Tom


Curated by: Susan Almazol with support by Gallery Curator, Eric Murphy


“Seize the Gaze” exhibition is a captivating immersion into the boundless presence of women of color across generations made possible when women of color themselves determine the gaze – the lens through which they are perceived.


Through bold portraiture, six Asian, African American, Indigenous, and Latina artists evoke the profound feminine energies of the sacred, the sensual, and the spirited. Their paintings, photographs, digital art, mixed media, and sculpture invite viewers into an intense and powerful exploration of the limitless spirit of women of color when free of societal constraints. The “Seize the Gaze” exhibition celebrates the rich tapestry of empowerment and beauty woven by these artists of color.

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Where did All the Girls Go flier__WEB.jpg


Mixed Media Artwork by Tricia Grame


Curated by Gallery Curator, Eric Murphy

MAY 3 - JUNE 29, 2024 (In the Back Gallery)


Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd | 6-9pm

Artists Lecture: Saturday, June 8th | 1:30-3pm

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"Where Did All the Girls Go", series is about the how the female was the center piece for the famous male artists, voiceless and nameless. It is about the evolving female symbol in art, self-identity and her enduring cultural impact. My art concentrates on the fallacy of the beauty myth, and the position of her image portrayed by male artists beginning with the Medieval, to Gothic, to the Greek, Italian Renaissance, the French Impressionists, Surreal, Pop, Expressionistic, to Contemporary works of art. 


Currently, women artists today use their own body and their own voices in their art work. They tell their stories, they are no longer valued purely for their sexuality. 

Tricia Grame, Ph.d. creates two and three dimensional art inspired by prehistoric female symbols. Her passion for the sculpted forms took her to Italy and the Islands of Malta where hundreds of sculptures and etchings have been found.


She grew up in New York City, then moved to California with her husband and son. She continued her studies at the College of the Arts, State Universities, Berkeley, and after two Masters in the Arts received a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her dissertation is “Life Into Art; Art Into Life: Transformative Effects of The Female Symbol on a Contemporary Woman Artist”.




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